Ibis Valdes, political candidate standing with Miami in the background
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Ibis Valdés was born and raised in District 6, attending St. Theresa Catholic School and Gulliver Preparatory before leaving for Northeastern University in Boston, where she completed her dual BA in Political Science and International Affairs. As a proud daughter of Cuban exiles from the Mariel boatlift, Ibis will bring the same work ethic and values that built this city.  Valdés seeks to take her decade of advocacy and entrepreneurial know-how to the Miami-Dade County Commission and seeks to change our leadership culture to better address the demands of 21st century Miami. Valdés lives in the heart of the district with her fiancé, award-winning film producer-editor Victor Otero from Hialeah and their 12-year-old pug-mix, Dobey.

Ibis, her fiancé and their dog sitting in a bench


Defending Home Rule

For too long, special interests in Tallahassee have been working to deprive local voices of making local choices, because they don’t trust you! This affects where our taxes go and how much control we have over decisions about public transit, our local economy, energy use, and more. Miami-Dade County needs a strong champion that defends our right for locals to determine what’s right for Miami.

Economic Recovery

Small businesses were suffering from rising costs long before COVID-19, but the pandemic forced so many of our cherished small businesses to close their doors. If today’s economic business climate existed in the 60s and 70s, we wouldn’t have the small businesses that we cherish today. I will fight for mom and pop businesses against big corporate special interests to help support our local entrepreneurs to build a stronger economy for Miami’s future.


Miami is in dire need of attention to relieve traffic congestion, address the impact of climate change, reassess our development priorities, and so much more. Residents need better access to economic opportunities, be provided with relief and travel choices, and feel secure that the buildings and structures we use everyday are safe, secure and dependable. I will defend Miami’s infrastructure priorities so they serve the emerging needs of our community.